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Union Cemetery Keeping Union Cemetery beautiful and comforting depends upon all visitors following a few guidelines. Chief among them are to be respectful and considerate of the memory of those interred. The requirements for flowers and memorial markers listed here have been established for the benefit of our lot owners and visitors and for the care of Union Cemetery. Please contact the Cemetery office (614) 267-5471 if you have any questions or concerns.

Memorial Markers:

Contact the Cemetery office before purchasing a memorial stone to review and clarify what is permitted, since restrictions vary by location within the cemetery. We provide memorials at a variety of prices for placement only in Union Cemetery and are pleased to help you with your selection.

For the Grounds:

Cut flowers

  • The Cemetery recommends using cut flowers as decoration during the grass-mowing season. Cut flowers can be placed either directly on the ground or in a Cemetery-approved in-ground vase unit.
  • Glass containers are not permitted.
  • All live and cut flowers will be removed during the mowing season when they are wilted, a week after a holiday or during the second mowing after they were placed.

Planting flowers

  • Planting flowers requires approval from the Cemetery. Flowers may be planted only in front of a raised bevel or slant marker or an upright monument. Flowers may not be planted next to a flush marker.
  • Use only shredded wood or bark to mulch the flowers, and never stone.
  • Borders and fencing of any type are prohibited.
  • Continued care of all planted flowers is the responsibility of the person who planted them. Flowers will be removed if weeds overtake them.

Potted live plants

  • Potted live plants are permitted only for the week before and the week after a holiday. They are removed a week after the holiday.

Artificial decorations

  • Artificial flowers and winter seasonal decorations are permitted on the grounds and on the outside of the mausoleums only from November 15 to March 1.
  • The Cemetery removes all artificial and winter decorations beginning March 1 each year. General cemetery cleanups also occur a week after the Easter and Memorial Day holidays.

For the Mausoleum:

  • Only live cut flowers in a vase and potted plants are permitted inside the mausoleum. Artificial flowers and permanent planters cannot be used. One flower arrangement is allowed per crypt or niche, and it must be labeled with the decedentís name.
  • Flower arrangements are to be placed on the tables provided by the Cemetery. Additional tables, trays, stands or easels for flowers or other items are not permitted and will be removed.
  • Artificial flowers are allowed on the outside of the mausoleum from November 15 through March 1.
  • Crypt and niche fronts may not have cards, pictures or other decorations wired, taped or otherwise adhered to them, either inside or outside the mausoleum.



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