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Honoring the memory of a loved one with a permanent memorial brings many people comfort at the time of their loss and for years afterward. Because that recognition must be personalized for you and for the person being remembered, Union Cemetery offers a variety of tasteful choices. Among the opportunities are the following:

Memorial markers:

Most families choose to place a marker on the relative's grave. The memorial's shape, size, design, granite color, personalization and price range are up to you, although certain sections of the cemetery have specific size and design requirements. So before purchasing a memorial stone, contact the Union Cemetery office to discuss your options and to clarify what is permitted in various sections.

You can choose a marker flush with the ground, a beveled stone that extends several inches above ground, a larger upright monument marking two or more graves, or even a bench or other structure. You can even personalize the stone with engraved messages, laser-etched photographs or other symbols significant to the person honored.

marker     personalized marker

belltowerBell tower plaques:

Overlooking Union Cemetery's three mausoleums and cremains scattering garden is a 40-foot bell tower that greets visitors throughout the day with soothing music. Its center plaque reads: This memorial bell tower is dedicated in loving memory of our family and friends who enriched our lives. The name of a special person who touched your life can be added on a bronze plate next to the plaque for $400.

Granite benches:

Surrounding the bell tower in a park-like setting are spaces for additional decorative black granite memorial benches. These attractive engraved markers are a visually impressive alternative for housing cremated remains. They also provide a pleasant setting where visitors can listen to the bells and pause for reflection in view of the outdoor mausoleums and the memorial chapel's stained glass window. Memorial benches are available for $5,500.



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