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F - Stephanie Spielman (1967-2009) Cancer awareness advocate and wife of OSU-NFL football legend Chris Spielman. The OSU Stephanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center is named in her honor.
M - W.W. "Woody" Hayes (1913-1987) legendary OSU Football coach
L - Charles "Chic" Harley (1895-1974) OSU football player
Z - Michael A. Peppe (1898-1979) OSU swimming coach
AA - Lynn W. St. John (1876-1950) OSU basketball coach
DD - Fred Taylor (1924-2002) OSU basketball player and coach
BB - Esco Sarkkinen (1918-1998) OSU football player and assistant coach
Q - Arthur G. James (1912-2001) Physician and founder of the Arthur G James Cancer Hospital
V - John P. Minton (1934-1990) OSU professor & pioneer in cancer research
G - Robert J. Murphy (1923-2003) OSU team physician
Y - Charles W. Pavey (1906-2004) OSU clinical professor and physician
W - Ruth W. Mount (1926-1997) First OSU Dean of Students
U - William C. McCracken (1863-1959) OSU Superintendant of Grounds/Buildings


K - Rand Hollenback (1899-1965) Mayor of Clintonville - Founder of "The Booster" newspaper
E - William A. Pepper (1921-1983) 25 year Newscaster for WBNS TV
G - Harley E. Rouda (1929 - 2012) - founder of HER Realty Company
G - R. David Thomas (1932-2002) Founder of Wendy's
G - Gordon Teter (1943-1999) Chairman, CEO and President of Wendy's
G - James Near (1938-1996) Chief executive officer of Wendy's
D - Robert A. Daniels (1913-1999) Founder of Bob Daniels Buick
B - H. Roy Chope (1921-1985) Co-founder of Industrial Nucleonics
R - Clayton Jones (1923-1991) Co-founder of CompuServe
H - Harry K. Gard (1914-1987) Co-founder of CompuServe
T - Foster Lane (1903-1995) Co-founder of Fiesta Hair Salons
CC - Walter S. Smith (1877-1940) inventor of the exact weight scale
G - John E. Fisher (1929-1998) CEO of Nationwide Insurance
I - John Galipault (1930-1993) founder of the Aviation Safety Institute
F - Gary Ellson (1952-2008) Co-founder of the Actors Theatre


EE - Russell Leach (1922-2002) City Attorney, Judge, Chairman of Franklin Co Republican Party
I - Charles A. Leach (1881-1950) City Attorney and Common Pleas Judge.
A - James F. Atwood (1873-1965) Ohio State Senator
C - John Circle (1922-2000) Franklin County Engineer
E - Melvin B. Dodge (1924-1991) Director of Columbus Parks & Rec
J - Myron B. Gessaman (1894-1975) Mayor of Columbus - State Representative
N - Paul M. Herbert (1889-1983) Ohio Supreme Court Justice
EE - Roger W. Tracy (1903-1964) State Auditor/State Treasurer
FF - George E. Tyack (1911-1986) Franklin County Common Pleas Judge


K - Harry Gowdy (1889-1966) Baseball player for New York Giants & Boston Braves
S - Bennie Kauff (1890-1961) Baseball player for New York Giants
P - Paul Hornung (1915-1994) 23 year Columbus Dispatch Sports writer


X - Joel Parsons (1840-1919) Civil War (Union) veteran Medal of Honor recipient
O - Balser Hess (1747-1806) fought alongside General George Washington

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