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Union Cemetery offers a variety of services and products that can respectfully memorialize you or your loved ones. Our professional staff members are available to help you and your family with making choices.

There are two types of burial: Casket or Cremation

Casket Burial: body placed in a casket and buried in the ground or at a Mausoleum

Cremation Burial cremated body placed in an Urn and buried either in the ground, Mausoleum, or scattered in a cremation garden

Casket Burial:

For a Casket burial in ground: Spaces are available for ground burial in several areas throughout Union Cemetery. Some sections have specifications for different types of gravestones/monuments. The prices range from $1,900 for a flush marker space to $8,500 for a space on an estate lot.

For Casket burial in a mausoleum: Union Cemetery offers both indoor and outside crypts at Mausoleum Chapels A and B. A memorial plaque is attached to the granite or marble crypt front. The crypt serves as both a resting space and a memorial. Prices range from $4,400 to $23,000.

Cremation Burial:

For Cremation burial in ground: There are many available outside ground plots throughout the cemetery for cremations. The prices range from $950 for a flush marker cremation space to $10,000 for an estate lot in Sec. 14 that would allow up to 8 cremations.

For Cremation burial in a Mausoleum: There are Interior and Exterior "Niches" in the Mausoleum. Interior niches have clear glass fronts while exterior Mausoleum niches have granite fronts with bronze name plaques. The prices range from $800 to $6,000.

Amaranth Abbey at Union
Amaranth Abbey, a 1925 Italianate mausoleum on Dodridge Street adjacent to Union's oldest sections became Amaranth Abbey at Union in 2006. Open the impressive bronze doors of the classic granite building and be awed by the beautiful white marble and priceless stained glass windows. For those who prefer mausoleum burial in an historic setting, Amaranth might be the perfect choice. Niche prices range from $1,300 to $6,000.

For Cremation burial in the Scattering Gardens: remains are scattered in the garden Monday through Friday, and a bronze name plaque can be placed on the Bell Tower to provide a memorial for the deceased. The gardens are maintained by the staff at Union Cemetery. Price for scattering is $350 with no bronze memorialization plaque and $500 with the plaque.

All burials require a fee at time of burial for digging the grave, preparing for a service, handling the Urn or scattering the remains. This fee is called the "Opening and Closing" fee. Casket burial opening/closing fees range from $1,150 to $1,695. Cremation opening/closing fees range from $600 to $1,410.

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