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Visit Union Cemetery during Memorial Day Weekend. Veterans will be honored Saturday morning, May 25, with American flags placed throughout the cemetery. Monday, May 27, will feature FREE refreshments all day. Union Cemetery staff will answer questions about the cemetery's 200+ year history and provide information on the many services offered by the cemetery. Enjoy the tranquil surroundings and beautiful scenery. Join us!

Welcome to Union Cemetery

Located along the Olentangy River in the center of Columbus, historic Union Cemetery is a beautiful oasis offering a peaceful and respectful setting. Serving families for more than 200 years, the beautifully landscaped grounds attract a number of activities, from walking and bike riding to bird watching and genealogy. The cemetery offers a wide range of services to accommodate the changing needs of families. Union has several acres of undeveloped land, thereby ensuring the capacity to serve the growing Columbus metropolitan area for years to come.

Our staff is available to help plan your cemetery arrangements or those of a loved one. For more information about our services, please contact us by phone or email.

Considering Cremation?

More and more people are turning to cremation to honor loved ones. At Union Cemetery of Columbus, almost one in every three families is choosing cremation to memorialize themselves, a spouse or family member. The staff at Union Cemetery can explain options if you are considering cremation.

Why Cremation?
For many, cremation meets two important goals: simplicity and affordability. At a time when traditional burials are becoming more expense and complex, cremation can be an attractive option. The family can spend more time in remembrance and less in the details that often accompany other forms of memorialization.

Ways to Memorialize Cremated Remains
One of the myths of cremation is that cremated remains are always put in an urn and kept at home. In fact, there are a number of ways that cremated loved ones can be memorialized. Families typically make choices based on their own beliefs and preferences. The important thing to remember is that for families who choose cremation, there are several comfortable choices that fit family needs:

  • Traditional in-ground burial of an urn
  • Burial with family or loved ones, even those who were interred in a traditional casket
  • Scattering ashes in special locations, such as a scattering garden, or at sea
  • Placing an urn in a columbarium or niche at a cemetery
In addition, services can be held in a beautiful, spacious in-door mausoleum chapel at the cemetery, further meeting the goals of simplicity and affordability for family and friends. Union Cemetery offers three such sites nestled within the 128 treed acres that comprise the cemetery grounds.

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Union Cemetery now offers discounted package pricing for families and individuals who wish to plan their memorialization in advance. Pre-need planning allows you to make your own decisions on how you wish to be memorialized at discounted prices and reduced burden on family members. Pre-planning includes traditional burial, cremation-related interments and mausoleum choices, in addition to many other considerations. Ask a Union Cemetery representative how you can save money by pre-planning your or a family member’s interment. Call 614-267-5471.

…that a percentage of every sale at Union Cemetery goes into a perpetual care fund to maintain the cemetery grounds in perpetuity? Not all cemeteries do that. When considering where to memorialize your loved one, remember to ask the question. Union Cemetery’s family service specialists will be happy to answer that question and more. Call us at 614-267-5471.

Union Cemetery has joined forces with Ohio Grave Search to allow easy look-up of burial sites of family and friends. By accessing www.CentralOhioGraveSearch.com, you will find an extensive source for locating burial sites. Though the free online website is comprehensive, please note that some burials may not be available. For Union Cemetery burials not found on the website, feel free to contact the cemetery at www.UnionCemetery1806@gmail.com or call 614-267-5471.

Most people think mausoleums are an expensive option. However, depending on a family’s needs, mausoleums can be less expensive than traditional in-ground burials. Mausoleums at Union Cemetery can accommodate one person or a family and can simplify planning through special packaged pricing, thereby saving families time and money. Union Cemetery mausoleums are conveniently located, beautifully landscaped and offer interior and exterior spaces. Contact a Union Cemetery professional to learn more about the benefits of choosing a mausoleum.

The 210th anniversary of Union Cemetery Columbus was recently recognized in a proclamation from the Ohio Senate.

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